The Kleen-Masters Cleaning Difference

How We Clean

We use hot water extraction, and have truck mounted units.

Different carpet fibers require different solutions & treatments. One of our main chemicals includes specific use for urine problems. This lets us clean small spots at no extra charge.

We don't use any solution that contains butyl - a cancer causing agent, and whenever possible we avoid using solutions containing phosphates.

When we have to use stronger solutions in order to get your carpet clean, we rinse the soil & solution completely out & leave zero residue behind.

Carpet Warranties

The following can void a carpet warranty
  • Having your carpet dry cleaned
  • Pet urine problems
  • Having your carpet cleaned by someone who is not IRCRC certified
  • Using the wrong chemical for the carpet
  • Not re-applying protectant to the carpet once it's been cleaned

How fast does carpet dry?

Different types of carpet dry at different rates. Our usual dry time is 2-4 hours. If they're needed, we provide air movers at no extra charge.
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