Emergency Cleaning Services

When a flood, fire, or other unexpected disaster makes you need immediate clean-up, trust Kleen-Masters to come get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We offer 24/7 emergency service to take care of all of life's unplanned messes.
Woman crying in kitchen damaged by fire ― Cleaning Company in Grants Pass, OR

Direct Insurance Billing

Often, Flood insurance or another homeowner's policy will cover your urgent cleaning needs. When that's the case, we know you have enough to worry about, so we leave you with fewer hassles to deal with. That's why we bill your insurance directly.

Flood and Water Damage

Whether it's a natural disaster or a pipe burst, Kleen-Masters can come out and help you take major steps towards getting your life back to normal after flood damage. Our second-to-none cleanup services are specially designed to be safe for chemically sensitive people, and our carpet repair and wall cleaning services can often make your damage invisible.

Fire Damage

Ash and smoke can leave major stains and odors in your home or business. These effects can make your property feel just unbearable. We know how to clean out those smells and that damage to help get you back toward status quo.